Katzman Garfinkel Launches FREE CondoHOALaw iPhone/iPad “App”


KG&BCondoHOALaw App





We are very excited to announce  today’s launch of the Katzman Garfinkel CondoHOALaw Application or “App” to the general public for free, immediate download and use by Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. 

The CondoHOALaw App is intended to assist volunteer directors, managers and association members in their traditional roles in community associations. It is our hope that the CondoHOALaw App will answer many of the questions that may crop up during contentious board, membership and committee meetings when a trip to the local library isn’t feasible.

 The contents of the App. include the following:

  • Frequently asked questions about Robert’s Rules of Order which are often quoted during association meetings;
  • The common-interest ownership statutes applying to condominiums, HOAs, co-operatives, mobile homes, and time shares for fourteen (14) states;
  • The Florida Administrative Code sections which apply to condominiums, co-operatives, HOAs, mobile homes, and time shares;
  • Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Guidebook for Community Associations;
  • Community Association Assessment Collection & Foreclosure Guidebook;
  • The 2012 Legislative Guidebook for Community Associations; and
  • The Florida Political Process Guidebook for Community Associations.     

This  FREE App can be downloaded at the App Store remotely onto one’s device using an IPad, IPhone, or IPod Touch. A search of Condolaw in the App Store will bring up the CondoHOALaw App! You can also click the icon at the top of this Alert and it will take you right to the CondoHOALaw App.

Or, it can be downloaded from the App Store onto a computer using ITunes software, and then loaded onto an IPad, IPhone, or IPod Touch. Internet access is required for both download and use of the App.

We hope you find the new Katzman Garfinkel CondoHOALaw App helpful and informative! 

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